Cowbridge and Vale Medical Practice

Managers and Administrative Staff

Practice Manager Gemma Thomas
Deputy Practice Manager  Christine Bridgman
Secretaries     Julia O'Donnell
& Alistair Watkins-Stuart
Reception Manager - Nicola Dewar Senior Receptionist - Emma Barnett
Carerís Champion Louise Holliday Admin/Receptionists      
Rachel Maidment-Jones
Annette Yaw
Louise Holliday
Ellie Pinch
Daisy Extance
Laura Irving Claire Brown help
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Claire Brown help
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Copyright © 2002-2006 Webs

Practice Nurses

Sister Kathryn Carr RGN, DipAsthma

Sister Louise Phillips RGN, DipDiabetes

The practice nurses help us to run various health promotion clinics, preform vaccinations, immunisations and travel vaccinations, help us look after our more elderly patients and preform cervical smears and new/well patient checks.

District Nurses 029 20 444 501

West Vale Community Mental Health Team 01656 763131

Their customer base is 18-65 years, and referrals for over 65s will be directed to Older People's Services.

Midwives 02920 350622

See patients at anti-natal clinic on Tuesday afternoon by appointment and attend patients at home after delivery.

Health Visitors 01656 763134

The Health Visitors are primarily responsible for the care of young children up to 5 years old. They visit mothers and babies at home and are available for advice to mothers before confinement and for children up to school entry.


Available for referrals from a GP

Chiropodist/Podiatrist 02920 335133 or 335135

Available for referrals from GP and self-referrals by pensioners and certain at-risk groups.


Attend the Health Centre to take blood samples for testing Monday to Friday in the morning by appointment only.