Cowbridge and Vale Medical Practice


When referring you to other health care professionals, the doctors will make available to them details of your medical history.  The doctor will respect the wishes of any patients who object to particular information being shared with others providing care, except where this would put others at risk of serious harm.

  • Clinical Referral Centre

In the majority of cases we are required to route our clinical referrals through the Clinical Referral Centre which is run from Cardiff & Vale Health Board, and based in the University Hospital of Wales.   Should you have any objections to this it is important you inform us of this immediately.


Individual Rights

Other Information

  •  Patients with Hearing Difficulties

For patients with hearing aids, we have a portable hearing loop system which can be taken into the consultation room so that you are able to hear what the doctor or nurse is saying (by putting your hearing aid to the 'T' position).

Please notify a receptionist that you require this equipment.

  • Confidentiality and Test Results

All medical results are dealt with in the strictest confidence.  To maintain this confidentiality, results of investigations will only be given to the patients themselves, or the parents of a child and appropriate identification may be requested.  If possible please contact the Surgery for results in the afternoons after 2.30 pm.  You may appoint someone to have access to your medical records by advising us of your wishes in writing.

  • Research and Planning

Information about patients is requested for a wide variety of purposes including education, research, monitoring, epidemiology, public health surveillance, clinical audit and planning.  The practice will render data anonymous where possible, and only where it is essential for the purpose will identifiable records be disclosed.  Such disclosures will be kept to the minimum necessary for the purpose.  You have the right to object to any such disclosures and your objection will be respected.

  • Financial Audit

The Local Health Board (LHB) has a duty to occasionally check on claims made by practices for payments.  The person carrying out the check will have been properly trained and authorised by the LHB and will be subject to a duty of confidentiality in their employment contract or because of their registration with a statutory regulatory body.  Only the part of the record relating to the claim will be made available to the person carrying out the check.

  • Objections

If you have any objections to the disclosure of information for any of these purposes please tell your doctor.

  • Private Medical Examinations and Reports

We are happy to undertake Private Medical Examinations, by appointment, and also complete other Private Medical Forms, eg from Private Healthcare Providers, Solicitors or Insurance Companies, etc.  This work is, however, outside the NHS system and will attract a fee in accordance with BMA suggested rates.  Please check the charge when making an appointment for an examination or handing in a form for completion (see also table on Fees page).

Violent or Abusive Patients

If a patient is violent, abusive or threatening to any member of the primary care team or other patients, they will be removed from our list and will have to find another surgery willing to take on their care.  The police may also be called if we think this is necessary and appropriate charges made.

Access to Health Records Act 1990

In general patients have the right to information about their health from any practitioner who is treating them.  This should be presented in a manner wthat is easy to follow and free from jargon.

The Data Protection Act 1998 gives patients the right of access to their health records.

An application must be received in writing along with the appropriate fee (see below).  The practitioner then has 40 days in which to provide the requested information.  You will need to identify yourself with your name, address, date of birth and to sign the request.  The request may be rejected in certain circumstances.

You will also need to tell us if you need part of your record only, or a full copy of your notes.  Also if you need a copy of these details, or would just like to view the records on the premises.

Copies of records will not be posted, but will be available to collect from reception if the request is approved.




 Totally manual 10  up to 50 
 Part manual / part computerised 10 up to 50
 Totally computerised 10 10